Information on the New Virus Removal Programs

There are always new and improved virus removal programs being released onto the market and it can often be difficult and even overwhelming to keep up with the supply. With literally hundreds of new virus removal programs released each and every year it is no wonder why so many consumers find themselves lost in the wealth of options but there are a few new virus removal programs in particular that are going to be worth you checking out.

McAfee Total Protection

This is a new virus removal program released by McAfee, which offers 10 in 1 protection and complete online and PC security for your entire family. It works by protecting your PC from all computer threats including viruses, hackers, spyware and adware, safeguarding your identity and online experience so that you can browse and shop on the Web worry-free, blocks hackers from being able to attack your wireless network, and even warns you about any sites that are known for sending spam and for attempting online scams.

Out of all the new virus removal programs on the market today this is definitely one of the very best and not only because it is so effective but also because it is so affordable.

Avast! Antivirus 4 Home Edition

Another new virus removal program is the Avast! Antivirus 4 Home Edition product which is a full-featured antivirus package that is designed exclusively for home users as well as non-commercial use. It features an incredibly simple user interface that is used to start on-demand scanning, work with the given results and change various options.

The interface is also very flexible and supports so-called skins thereby allowing computer users to change the appearance of the application interface as they like.

One of the most innovative new features of this new virus removal program is the heuristic analysis of email scanners, which is able to protect against new and unknown viruses and worms that are actually not detectable by other means. This module works by performing a thorough investigation of every email message and also by watching out for suspicious signs that might announce virus presence.

It is important to learn as much as you can about all of your options here, so that you can not only find the best one but the one that is going to be best suited to you and your particular needs. By taking a bit of time and caring about your decision here you will be able to make the most intelligent and informed choice.