Information on Yahoo Anti Spyware

With so many different anti spyware and anti virus programs available on the market today, it is no wonder why so many people find themselves so lost and confused when it comes down to choosing just one. Yahoo Anti Spyware is one program in particular that you have as an option here, and although it is rated as being incredibly effective by most users, there is more information that you will want to learn on it before downloading it for yourself.

The Details

The Yahoo Anti Spyware program is actually offered in the Yahoo Toolbar, which is a free and customizable toolbar that allows you to navigate through all of your favorite sites and search the Web from anywhere while maintaining the security and protection that you need on your computer system.

This program offers a variety of features including a pop-up blocker and anti-spy, and one of the best features of all is that you can customize the toolbar specifically to your own requirements and save your bookmarks online for easy one-click access from any computer.

The Yahoo Anti Spyware program is a spyware detection and removal tool that is based on the same spyware definition database used in the reputable eTrust PestPatrol anti spyware. It works by examining the Windows registry on your network as well as the running processes, cookies, files, and folders, and although it is obviously then very effective there are also a few known problems associated with the program.

For one, the Yahoo Anti Spyware program only checks common parasite locations for threats and therefore does not thoroughly examine content of each file which can result in serious consequences. This casual sort of detection technique has a lot of disadvantages, especially because it can be quite ineffective against the most recent pests.

Overall the Yahoo Anti Spyware program is easy to install and use but not as effective at detecting and removal viruses, worms, and other computer threats as you would like. It is completely free which is one of the features that many consumers like about it best, but it is not worth the free price if it does not properly protect your computer.

There are definitely other options available on the market today that far surpass the quality of this program and so especially if you are a large business or corporation you most likely are going to want to choose another anti virus program to safeguard and protect your computer system.