What To Look For In Anti Virus Protection

Being on the Internet is very interesting and a real learning experience. The only problem of being online is the potential risks of infecting your personal or commercial computer with viruses, Trojans and worms. Other than these risks, there are also the threats of spyware and adware, which can potentially lead to identity theft and loss of data. This is where anti virus protection steps in. Anti virus protection is needed to be able to efficiently suppress and reduce the risks of viruses and other intrusions, which may consequentially lead to loss of data and the destruction of your computer.

Important Features Of Anti Virus Protection

One of the most important features that you should look for in an anti virus protection program is the capability to search for and eliminate or quarantine viruses, Trojans, worms and other dangerous intruders. This virus detection ability should be kept updated regularly in order to have full protection for your computer. The need to keep your protection updated often is because many new viruses are discovered everyday that you need to be protected from.

Anti virus protection should also have automatic update features and scan scheduling for more efficient and thorough anti virus protection. Other than the automatic update features and scheduling, better anti virus protection should also have the ability to quickly unpack and scan the files, documents and emails that you open. It should be able to detect and remove hazardous files and documents that come from any source. Firewall protection is a given when it comes to anti virus protection and some anti virus protection even has spyware and adware protection bundled with it.

A command line scanner with the ability to create a rescue CD is also one of the more advanced features of most anti virus protection programs. Other functions that are ideal for a protection program are anti-phishing and protection that does not tax the abilities and functions of your personal computer. Some virus protection programs are too heavy for older computers to use.

Most anti virus protection programs have many variations to them according to the needs and preferences of the user. Some protection programs are geared specifically for commercial computers while others are for personal computers. They are essential to any computer that is connected to the Internet since viruses and other intruders can randomly enter and breach any weak firewall or protection that is not regularly updated.