Microsoft Anti Spyware Features And Functions

Microsoft anti spyware was originally known as Microsoft Windows Defender when it was in its beta phase. The beta version, which is the Windows Defender, has been on the Internet for quite some time already and it is just recently that they released Microsoft anti spyware. It is basically free for all original Microsoft users and it helps eliminate slow computer performance, pop ups and reduces the risk of spyware, adware and other unwanted software. Microsoft anti spyware software is based on the SpyNet community. Researchers from Microsoft immediately looked for solutions and ways to get rid or block the potentially dangerous software that may be brought into your computer without your permission.

Updates for the Microsoft anti spyware software are automatically downloaded into your computer through a function of the software. This convenience is very handy because some people often forget to manually update their protection software, which leaves them open to attacks from potentially dangerous threats. The program is very intelligent and functions well and unobtrusively in the background while you are using your computer. Personal computers can benefit from this program and so will commercially geared computers.

Features And Functions Of Microsoft Anti Spyware

Microsoft anti spyware software has so many convenient and effective features including spyware and adware detection and removal tools, real time protection, warning if someone tries to piggyback on your wireless network, Spam Zombie Protection and Winsock Layer Service Provider. These are just a few of the many functions and features available from Microsoft anti spyware. Other functions are for scanning for unwanted software or programs that may have potential risks.

Other features of Microsoft anti spyware are application agent components which watches over the key processes and applications of your computer, browser hijack restore, system explorer and tracks erase. These Microsoft anti spyware features are not really as essential as you might think because they can be done manually, but the convenience of being able to do them with just one click is amazing.

Microsoft anti spyware basically protects your computer very efficiently. It is more focused on the Microsoft aspect of your computer, though, and this can be somewhat daunting when it continually questions programs of software it is not familiar with. It is better to manually set the settings of the Microsoft anti spyware software than to leave it as is because some programs will continually be blocked or questioned. In all, the program is excellent and needs little or no tweaking to use.