Vitamin Supplements Are Many; So Choose Them Wisely

One thing that you may have realized when looking about for vitamin supplements is that there is no dearth of options for you to choose from which means that it would make more sense to first learn how to decide which the better ones are and how to distinguish them from the lesser ones. And, it is also necessary to realize that such supplements are not foods and cannot take the place of food; rather, they act in a manner to boost the food that you consume.

Different Rates Of Absorption

There is a noticeable difference in how food that is naturally consumed is absorbed by the body and the way that vitamin supplements are absorbed and the differences are very notable in that natural food has as high as ninety-three percent level of absorption while vitamin supplements have just ten percent absorption levels. And, as far as minerals contained in natural plants are concerned they are absorbed up to seventy-eight percent as compared to a mere five percent (maximum) level of absorption in vitamin supplements.

You can choose to have your vitamin supplements in three different forms which are as liquids; in capsules as well as in tablet form with liquid vitamin supplements being rather more inconvenient though they are ideally suited for anyone that has a problem with swallowing pills, and even in the case of children, it is rather well suited.

If you choose to take vitamin supplements in tablet form you can get the advantage that they are well compressed and can be coated as well; though, you generally should not take more than a tablet or two daily. On the other hand, capsules are able to dissolve very fast and are gelatin containers that are not packed very tightly and most people consider them as being better than tablets.

There is nothing stopping a person from taking vitamin supplements along with meals unless it is prescribed otherwise, and because a mere ten percent of vitamins as well as minerals get absorbed into the body after taking vitamin supplements , it is necessary to choose your vitamin supplements carefully. So, for example you may not need more than hundred milligrams of B vitamin in order to give to the body ten milligrams of the vitamin which in most instances would be sufficient.

Before choosing the vitamin supplements, it would be a good idea to look at the British Pharma copoeia or BP indicators that are always present on capsules which will help you determine the quality of the vitamin isolates and if you see Chelate or even Chelated with respect of minerals, you can be sure that the minerals have been attached to proteins before having been added to the supplement which will make for better absorption.