Battle Of The Wedding Bands

You don't have to be a musical genius to pick the music for your wedding - you just have to know what you like! Typically, the wedding ceremony features an organist playing traditional wedding selections. However, the reception is less structured and provides the perfect opportunity for you to choose one of your favorite bands to play at the wedding reception.

Doing Things Differently

The decision about music selection for a wedding reception usually involves a DJ. However, it is advantageous to use a band in your wedding because it allows you to have more of a say in song choice. Instead of picking off of a list or allowing a DJ to play pop songs, you can contact the band with specific songs and requests.

A Special Request

Choosing a band for your wedding allows you the option of making special song requests. This can be a great surprise for your husband or wife-to-be. Perhaps a certain song means a lot to the husband or wife, or maybe the couple has a "song" that they first danced to. Having a band at your wedding reception will allow you to incorporate these songs into your wedding, perhaps even with a new twist.

Play That Funky Music!

In an era where hiring a DJ to play popular music at a wedding reception is the most common practice, choosing bands for your wedding reception is a refreshing choice. Many people find it easier to hire a DJ, but hiring a wedding band adds to the atmosphere of the event and will create an evening to remember.

When you are choosing a band for your wedding, it is important to take into consideration the tastes and preferences of both you and your future spouse. Choose a band that plays music that you both enjoy. Agreeing upon a wedding band for the reception will make it more enjoyable for all parties involved.

Also, you should think of your wedding's theme when choosing a band. A reggae band would be great at a beach wedding, while a swing band might be featured at a thirties-themed wedding. If your wedding does not have a theme, simply go with a favorite local band or a band that plays your favorite genre of music.

Set Yourself Apart

While having a band play at your wedding might not be the usual thing to do, it greatly adds to the atmosphere of a wedding and will give you a night to remember.