The Silhouette of the Wedding Dress Is the Dream Every Girl Holds Dear

Nearly every bride-to-be has a mental image of her dream gown and the way she will look as she walks down the aisle to meet her groom. It is this dream wedding gown that complicates the entire shopping experience.

If you are a bride that has a pre-determined idea of what your wedding dress should look like, it would be best to sketch a quick drawing of what your dream dress should actually look like or carry a picture of what you want with you as you visit retail outlets. Having a reference point will help to keep your shopping trips focuses and will prevent you from getting caught up in the moment and buying a gown that you will later regret.

Wedding Dresses Are Basically Designed Around Four Main Body Styles

There are four basic designs in wedding dresses. The A-line, ball gown, sheath and empire dress. There are many different variations in the different styles of wedding dresses in the bridal industry but essentially each of them is based upon one of the standard body designs.

The A-line wedding dresses are complementary to nearly every body design. The tight bodice comes in to the waist line and then gradually flares out from the waistline to the floor line.

The ball gown style wedding dress is often referred to as a fairy tale wedding gown. With a tight bodice and a full skirt, the hemline slightly skims the floor as the bride walks along.

The sheath wedding dress style is generally reserved for the extremely fit bride. This dress is designed like a "second skin" for the bride, form fitted down the entire line of the brides figure. This is not a good design for brides that will be kneeling during their ceremony as the tight skirt does not allow for extensive movement of the brides legs.

The empire wedding dresses are created with a tight bodice that is cropped just below the bust line, the fabric drops from this point into the full skirt. This dress is very complementary to women with a large bust line and thicker waists. However, it is often considered complementary to most figures.

Wedding Dress Traditions and Superstitions

Many brides sew a tiny silver horseshoe into their dress, as a wish for a happy and healthy marriage. The tiny touch of blue, hidden amongst the white wedding gown, is a symbol of true love and fidelity while the white wedding dress itself is symbolic of innocence and purity.