Let Me Tell You A Story About Wedding Music

For my wedding, we used a DJ that came highly recommended by our matron of honor. It was a friend of hers that is a wedding professional that has done hundreds of weddings and knows what he is doing. So my wife and I sat down to talk to this DJ about our wedding music and my wife had picked very specific songs for very specific moments. Our wedding cake song was a rather risqué rap song, but other than that my wife had a whole line of wedding music picked out that she wanted used for that day.

Well, our wedding day arrived and the ceremony went great and the DJ had all the right wedding music for the ceremony. We had our ceremony and reception in the same place (which is a great idea if you are planning a wedding). We got through the ceremony and it was great. Then we got ready for our first dance -- and a moment happened that will stay with me forever.


As my wife and I stood in the middle of the dance floor waiting for our song I heard music start to play. I had no idea what the song was that my wife wanted, but I could tell by the look on her face that the song we were hearing was not it. My heart dropped as she ran over to the DJ table and told him it was the wrong song. Not only was it the wrong song but he did not have the right song with him.

Our first dance as husband and wife and my wife had to spend 5 minutes with the DJ going through the music he brought with him so she could find something else to have our first dance to. My wife is a very forgiving person and the rest of the ceremony went fine including the risqué rap song, but something tells me that she will never forget that wedding music mix up. We have not recommended that DJ to anyone and neither has my wife's matron of honor.

The Moral Of The Story

When you plan your wedding music you give it a lot of thought. You want certain songs played at certain times and for what you pay a DJ, or a band, it is not unreasonable for those songs to be played. Most DJs will also go over what songs you do not played at your wedding. Remember this is your day and if you don't want to hear The Chicken Dance then it shouldn't be playing. But after you pick the wedding music with your DJ you should always check to make sure everything is a go.

Call your DJ the week before the wedding and make sure they have all of the music and then make sure again when they are set up at the wedding but there is still time to run to the music store if they have to. Don't let what happened to me happen to you.