Decorating Your Reception With Unique Wedding Centerpieces

As you begin planning your wedding, the clearly outline wedding budget that you began with has become a bit muddled with each passing activity, reservation, booking or purchase. While this is to be expected, it can often become concerning as you watch your wedding funds slip away into signed contracts and nothing concrete to show for the money spent.

The wedding reception is the largest expense on any wedding budget, estimated to use over 40% of the funds allocated to pay for the wedding. With this in mind, it is often valuable to stop and make sure you are getting the most for your money. If you are holding your reception in a large hotel, there may be elegant wedding centerpieces in the storeroom that could be used without any additional expense. Just asking this one question could save you hundreds of dollars and time in creating and making your own centerpieces or in having to purchase them from a craft store or designer.

If you are hosting your wedding reception in a local community hall or church, you will most likely need to provide your own wedding centerpieces. Since we have already discussed how expensive this can be, try to begin shopping for bargains as soon as you have booked your reception facility. There are many ideas that can prove to be inexpensive if you can buy ahead or order specifically for your event. Potted plants make a colorful wedding centerpiece without being intrusive in conversations that might occur across the table.

If you are holding a March wedding or are of Irish descent, shamrocks on the tables provide a cute thematic wedding centerpiece for very little money.

In recent years, as the expense of flowers goes up, many creative brides and florists are using wedding centerpieces made of fruits. Spring weddings look fresh with wedding centerpieces of fresh lemons, limes and oranges. In the fall, beautiful fall colors can be brought indoors with fall leaves, gourds and mini pumpkins.

There is just no end to what creative thinking and a bit of elbow grease can do to create eye popping centerpieces on a penny pitching budget.

Height Guidelines for Wedding Centerpieces Is a Good Thing to Follow

If you are making your own wedding centerpieces, be sure to use the elbow test as a way to insure that your centerpieces complement the table but don't discourage conversations between your guests.

Once you have created your first centerpiece, place it in the center of a table. Using one of your arms, place the elbow on the table and lift up your hand. If the centerpiece is higher than your fingertips, it is too high.