What To Expect From Wedding Speeches

A wedding is a very important time in a person's life and at your wedding there will be a lot of people that will want to say something about you and wish you well. For some reason people love giving wedding speeches and I have been to enough weddings to know that you need to get the wedding speeches thing under control right from the very beginning because if it starts to feel like an open mic night at the local pub then there could be problems. Not everyone is good at giving wedding speeches and not everyone should be allowed to give wedding speeches so it is up to you to decide who can and cannot speak into the microphone for the room to hear. Some people may not like it when they try and speak and no one can hear them but remember that it is your wedding and not theirs. If they want to say something silly to a crowd of people tell them to rent their own hall at $45 a plate and then they can say all the silly things they want.

The simplest way to avoid unwanted wedding speeches is to make sure of two things. When there is no one scheduled to speak then turn off the main table microphone. I cannot tell you how many people have just walked up to the main table with the bride and the groom sitting there, grabbed the microphone, and said something completely embarrassing and inappropriate. They may not like the microphone turned off but too bad. Tell the banquet hall crew that the microphone is only to be on when it is in the hands of certain people. Also make the DJ and/or the band off limits to the party guests. You are paying the band and/or the DJ good money to emcee the wedding and play music, you don't need your drunk uncle telling a rambling story that brings the whole party down. Put a couple of your ushers on band/DJ duty and make that area not an area for wedding speeches.

Who Gives Speeches

When it comes to wedding speeches the only people that should really be giving any are the best man, the maid of honor, and the parents of the bride and groom. This is not a free for all and you only have the hall for a limited time so don't turn it into amateur night. Usually, in most weddings, the best man will give the toast and sometimes the maid of honor will chime in as well. It is a nice touch when they both do the toast and give a speech.

Expect anything with wedding speeches. Nothing is off limits and pray that your best man doesn't start telling stories you don't want your mother to hear. You can ask that this not happen in advance but if it is coming then it will happen.