The Wedding Bouquets Provide Complementary Beauty to the Bridal Party

Bridal bouquets offer a wide variety in floral arrangements that are designed to complement the bride and her wedding gown although sometimes brides will choose such large and overbearing wedding bouquets that both they and their gown can get lost in the floral arrangement.

There are six basic formats for wedding bouquets, the pageant, the round, the cascade, the nosegay, the hand-tied and the Posey. Each of these styles has specific features that provide enhanced beauty of the flowers, the bridal gown and the bride. The intention of the wedding bouquet is not to overpower the bride but to accessorize the entire wedding ensemble.

When carrying a wedding bouquet, the elbows should be against the hipbones and the bouquet, while held in both hands, should sit parallel to the belly button. In this way the flowers are in the exact center of the body. The only deviation from this fashion of holding the bouquet is the presentation bouquet which is cradled in the arms.

Different Wedding Bouquets Use Different Flowers

The three most popular wedding floral bouquets are very different in their appearance and presentation. It is often a good idea to have your bridal gown already chosen and a picture of it with you when you begin to visit the different florists in your area. It is important to remember that your wedding bouquet should complement your wedding gown, not compete with it. The detailed explanations below will assist you as you begin to plan your ideal wedding bouquet to match your bridal gown.

The cascade or shower bouquet is a very popular choice among brides. This elaborate bouquet is a classis choice for any wedding. It is often created with a wide variety of flowers and ivy that are wired together and pulled out slightly to drop down into a waterfall effect. Brides that choose this size of wedding bouquet often order a tossing bouquet to go along with it. By making this additional purchase, the bride is able to keep her wedding bouquet and still have a bouquet to toss out to the eligible bachelorettes.

The presentation bouquet is generally a collection of long stemmed flowers that are cradled in the arms of the bridal party.

The hand-tied bouquet is a floral arrangement that is designed to enhance the colors of the wedding without competing for center stage. It is generally a smaller wedding bouquet than the cascade but is often extremely elegant with the detailed hand tied ribbon along the stems of the bouquet.