Definition of Integral Yoga

Integral yoga is also call purna yoga or supramental yoga. It is said to be a complete yoga or the full spectrum of the teachings of yoga. This is due to the fact that integral yoga is a sort of improvisation of the traditional forms of yoga and it covers all aspects of it.

The concept of integral yoga is focused more on the life of the individual at present compared to the traditional yoga where it is focused more on the future life or the life after this one. This form of yoga focuses on the day to day living of the individual and the role of Karma.

Beliefs of Those Who Follow Integral Yoga

Integral yoga believes in the self integration of life. Selfless action, peace, wisdom and love are aspects of this complete self integration. All these are supposed to be the main focuses of some form of yoga but integral yoga has integrated each within this form of yoga.

This is because the teacher of integral yoga believed that the present life that we have is also important and that we should make it count by focusing on aspects that make this life worthy. All aspects of selfless action, love, peace and wisdom are supposed to be intertwined with each other and this is the belief of integral yoga.

Three Factors to Complete Self Integration

The three factors that the believers of integral yoga feel can allow for complete self integration are cosmic integration, existential integration and psychic integration. The integration of all three factors in everyday life is believed to complete a person's worth and self awareness. This allows for better understanding of oneself and one's surroundings and the cosmos.

Integral yoga is said to bring harmony to one's sense of being and three aspects of yoga, namely, karma, bahkti and jnana. Actually, integral yoga brings to fore many different harmonizations of beliefs that are in yoga. There is actually no definite method to reach the higher sense stated in the teachings of those who believe in integral yoga. This is due mainly to many differences in teachings and opinions of the yogis.

The main focus of integral yoga is the communion of one's self with the cosmos to bring about a higher state of divine being in oneself focus on the present life. This form of yoga gives importance to the present form of the person although it also refers to the next life but in less important aspects.