What You Need To Know About Yoga Sandals

First off, you won't be kicked out of a yoga class just because you are not wearing yoga sandals. A lot of people prefer to do yoga barefoot. Keeping your balance is essential in doing almost any yoga position, so your feet need to have a good grip with the ground or a yoga mat. Some people even prefer to wear thin tennis shoes. You might start out barefoot and then decide to get yoga sandals later on if it makes you have better balance.

What Do They Look Like?

Unlike other footwear geared for martial arts or tai chi, yoga sandals are not slippers but sandals. Instead of having one support between your two biggest toes, there are four supports for your toes to fit into. They certainly help keep your balance and not put all of your weight on the bones of your feet. They also help encourage your toes to spread out instead of curl up, which also helps in balance and circulation.

Yoga sandals come in many different colors, but black and earth tones are popular. They can be made for women or men. They look a lot like flip-flops, except your feet won't be doing any flipping or flopping in them. Some people love wearing yoga sandals, but don't actually wear them during any yoga sessions.

The Natural Style

Yoga Sandals (a trademarked branch by Beech Sandal Company of Australia) or yoga sandals (knock-offs of the Beech versions) is generally worn as casual footwear instead of exercise footwear. Using the principles of flexibility and physical alignment in order to find your balance not only in your body but in your life, Yoga Sandals help you become healthier in just your normal walking activities.

There is a general movement to try and live more naturally and in tune with Nature more than in the previous generations. Some stores and shops talk of "the yoga lifestyle", which includes products like Yoga Sandals. Generally, this is comfortable and more eco-friendly fashions that are often patterned after Hindu traditional robes and sandals.

Yoga Sandals are not actually seen in India. Usually, yoga is practiced barefoot in India. Shoemakers in Australia's Beech Sandal Company noticed the toe-holders used by professional pedicurists in order to keep the elaborate toe-nail polish and decorations from getting smeared as they dry. This was the inspiration for Yoga Sandals.

Like many things about yoga, it can happily marry the best ideas of East and West in order to help you move through the Chaos of life.