Sequencing Of Yoga Positions

In practicing yoga, there are many different yoga positions. They are designed to flow together in a logical way, known as "vinyasa" or a "yoga flow."

If you start with the Basic sequences and over time progress on to the beginning and advanced yoga positions, you will gradually improve. To have a longer practice even at a basic level, one can use both the seated and standing sequences.

Here is a brief overview of the various sequences that can be used for yoga positions. One can read up more about them for details about alignment, contraindications, and modifications.

What Are The Sequences?

First, there are warm-up sequences. These should be done before any of the pose sequences. They include yoga positions for the neck and shoulders individually and together, as well as the whole body.
Next, the basic sequences are the place for the new yogi or beginner. They are simple and short, with only very basic yoga positions. There are both seated and standing versions, as well as a calming version.
If you are already somewhat experienced with yoga, you can build on that familiarity by adding length and challenge to the already established flow. This can be done using the beginning sequences. Now one can also add in the sun salutations and other special sequences, which will be discussed later.
The Intermediate sequences invite more challenge. They add more complex, vigorous, and long yoga positions and flows.

The Sun Salutation is a classic among yogi - often considered the core of hatha yoga practice. The Sun Salutations are generally practiced at sunrise to warm up the body and give it energy. There is the "half sun salutation" which is just a part of the traditional sun salutation, or the classic version. There are also other versions, which vary in intensity depending on which powerful yoga positions are added in. Lesser known is the "moon salutation" which is a sequence to balance the sun salutation. It is cooling, calming and peaceful, filled with stretches. It is often used at the close of day.

Finally, be aware that there are special sequences that are different than the above. They are used for specific application. One is designed to heal the back and strengthen it. Another is to help regulate emotions, and to reduce depression, sadness, and grief. Another sequence of yoga positions is designed to invigorate the mind and promote concentration and focus. There are many other specialty sequences that one can try for various situations, such as infertility, menopause, sciatica, heart/lungs/chest, etc.