Yoga Zone DVDs Can Help You Get In Balance

Yoga is all about finding balance - in a position, in your health and in your place in the universe. But a lot of the concepts surrounding yoga can be very hard for a beginner to grasp - especially a beginner raised in Western Civilization. Although you at first should get classes from a yoga instructor, you can then practice on your own with the help of Yoga Zone DVD series.

Available Anywhere

Yoga Zone DVDs are sold in bookstores, health shops, some sporting goods stores and especially online. Even big chain web sites like Barns and Noble and carry them. They run about an hour long, which is about as much time as you need for a helpful but not harmful workout. Just enter "yoga zone DVD" into your favorite search engine, and you will be besieged with results.

Before You Begin

Before you try Yoga Zone videos, you really should check with your doctor that you are physically capable of handling the bends, dips and twists of some yoga positions. If you get the okay, you need to wear form-fitting but not too tight clothing. You don't want your shirt to drop off over your head if you are doing a position where you need to lower your head. You need to have a good grip on the flooring, so use an athletic mat.

What Are They Like?

Yoga Zone DVDs aren't heavily reliant on things like plot, special effects and character development. They are filmed exercise film so that you can pretend you are in an actual yoga class. The advantage of Yoga Zone DVDs as opposed to taking classes is that they are cheaper, you don't have to travel to the gym and back and you can see how some of the techniques are done.

The disadvantage is that even mimicry can lead to you improperly doing some of the positions. These can lead to muscle pulls, sprains and worse. This is why it is best to go for instruction with an actual human being to help put you in the proper position. In this way, you learn how it feels to be in the proper position.

Yoga Zone DVDs are helpful to keep your interest in yoga up after your Yoga 101 classes are done. They are made by Yoga Zone studios and a couple were filmed in Jamacia. Yoda Zone DVDs have won some awards, including "Best Yoga" from GQ, Allure and New York Magazines. You can work out conveniently. If you feel like skipping a position, no one will scold you.