The Importance Of Proper Yoga Clothing

If you go to your yoga class dressed in something that won't work well for yoga, you will regret it. Who wants to be upside down in a pose with their hair in their face? Or, worse yet, try to keep themselves modest as their shirt falls down around their face in an upside down pose? Or what about sliding into a split, and hearing a "rrrripp!" sound as your pants protest the stretch beyond comfort? Not something you want to experience. There are things to keep in mind as you choose yoga clothing and get dressed for your yoga class.

Yoga Clothing Specifics, Please?

You need your yoga clothing to be loose enough so that you can move about as needed, but not so loose that it becomes cumbersome and annoying. It is best if you are comfortable in what you're wearing and can lie down easily.

For your top half, women need to either wear clothing for yoga that can be tucked in or a sports bra, so that if you are doing a position like a headstand that is upside down (an inversion), your shirt doesn't float down over your face and head and reveal too much of what is underneath your shirt. Men can wear anything for their upper half that feels comfortable.

For your bottom half, it is important that your pants are loose enough so that if you do a split your pants won't rip at all. If you are wearing shorts, please be sure they stick to your body well enough so that others won't be able to see too far up them when you are in certain positions. That would be embarrassing and you will wish you were in different yoga clothes!

As for footwear, you will want to be barefoot - with no shoes or even socks on. This will help you better "center yourself" and feel the ground. It should go without saying that it is wise also to not have smelly feet!

If you have long hair, you should tie it back so that it doesn't fall into your face throughout the class.

Where Can You Buy Yoga Clothing?

Yoga clothing does not have to be something specific. If you have things in your closet or drawers already that fit the requirements listed above, you can wear them.

On the other hand, some people enjoy having a reason to buy new clothes, and yoga clothing is no exception. Yoga clothing comes in high-quality fabrics, and in styles that are comfortable, durable and stylish. There are things from cami bra tops and organic cotton shirts, pants, and shorts. There are also fleece hoodies for the days that are just plain cold. There are many choices when it comes to buying yoga clothing.