Learning Yoga Poses Is Fun!

If you want to learn to try some yoga poses, you should be on an uncarpeted floor, as the carpeting can adversely affect your balance. You can use a sticky mat or a large towel to have a bit of cushioning while you practice your yoga poses.

It is best to first practice in a class, and using a book at home to help you remember how to do the yoga poses correctly. Also, in class you are around others doing yoga, and there is a feeling of "community" to be doing yoga poses together.

There are many places that can teach you yoga poses. There are specific yoga schools, classes in gyms and health clubs, and other places. Your gym or doctor might be able to make a recommendation - or ask around. A lot of people are doing yoga poses these days!

Each teacher of yoga poses has their own style of teaching. Some keep things very serious, others are more fun. Some do more hands-on correcting, others do not. If you do not want to be touched, be sure to let the teacher know. And for your first class or two, it is smart to sit behind the front row so you can watch other students and see how to do the yoga poses yourself.

Yoga Poses: Descriptions And Information

The first movement you will likely learn to do is the "sun salutation." It is the standard series used in yoga classes. It helps your mind and body wake up and prepare for the postures to come. It is considered a "moving meditation." You should focus on your breathing and begin relaxing as you move through many positions, including another of the yoga poses known as "cobra."

There are several basic yoga poses. One is "Sit/Easy Position - Sukhasana." It is a position where you sit cross-legged and focus on your breathing. Another posture is called "Dog and Cat." It is done up on the hands and knees, and the tailbone is rolled up and down, increasing the flexibility of the spine. There is a "Forward Bend or Extension," which stretches the legs and spine, relaxes mind and body, and rests the heart and neck. "Trikonasana - the Triangle" is a position that stretches the spine, improves balance and concentration, and opens the torso. To do it, one stands with legs in a wide stance. The arms are raised up and the body bends to meet one foot at a time. "The Cobra" is done by lying down and raising the head and torso up. It stretches the spine, strengthens the back and arms, and opens up the chest and heart. There are many other positions, but the final one in any yoga class is called "The Corpse." As it sounds, the body lies on the back on the ground, and though appearing dead, the goal of that yoga pose is conscious relaxation. The relaxation part is easy, the staying conscious - not falling asleep - part is a bit harder.