Kundalini Awakening Sahaja Yoga: Feeling the Divine Force within You

Yoga has been known to India for as long as 3,000 years and is a scientific method that involves both the mind and body that also means more than simply sitting in certain positions and chanting certain words. In fact, it is something that helps improve a person's well being and also helps a person to grow. Among various different kinds of yoga, kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga is an excellent example of a form of meditation that can help make a person become more aware of him or herself.

Transform the Inner Being

Kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga is unique in that it helps a person to transform their inner being through practice of meditation and the end result is that it makes a person more moral, integrated, united as well as better balanced. It is believed that through practice of kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga, a person can even feel a divine force that enter them just like a fresh breeze.

Kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga involves a certain kind of meditation that helps make a person more aware of them and this form of yoga was created by a person known as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who has popularized this special type of yoga so much that from the time of its birth in 1970 it has now spread to all parts of the world. In fact, one of the objects of performing kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga is to unite the people living on this planet and this can only be achieved after a person has begun to understand the self more completely.

Through practice of kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga a person can achieve greater inner peace as well as become more joyful and another aspect to it is that it works on multitudes rather than on individuals. When one wakes to the inner reality, one becomes part of self realization, and is even taking part in a second birth. What's more, the meaning of the term "Sahaja" is "in-born" and thus this form of yoga requires a person to sit without making any sound and to also maintain perfect calm in the mind as well as body by remaining perfectly still.

Among the various aspects of kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga you can include chants, breath control, visualization, poses, meditations as well as hand and finger gestures. Each of these aspects can be practiced during the kundalini awakening Sahaja yoga and they each will help join the mind as also the body so that they become stronger which in turn helps achieve a higher level of awareness that will then help achieve kundalini awakening or self-realization.