Finding Sexy Adult Lingerie Costumes

Whether you are planning on heading out to a sexy Halloween party or just want to wear something to spice up your sex life, lingerie costumes are always a great idea. There are a ton of different options to choose from when it comes to lingerie costumes, and so you will be able to find the perfect outfit to dress up and act out your fantasies in.

Naughty Schoolgirl

The naughty schoolgirl outfit is one lingerie costume that will never go out of style. The appeal of innocence combined with pure sexiness is undeniable and always a huge turn on. Remember that you can really design the outfit to look however you want, but any typical schoolgirl outfit should include a basic white shirt, short plaid skirt and knee high stockings. If you add a pair of heels you will really top the outfit off.


Another of the most popular lingerie costumes is the naughty nurse, and again although you have a few different options here especially in terms of color, but red and white is the favorite for the nurse lingerie costumes. You can also add some cute accessories like a plastic stethoscope and little clipboard if you really want to go all out. If you want to add even more sexiness to the outfit you can always add a garter belt and some stockings.


We all know the name Playboy and it is no wonder why the Playboy lingerie costumes have always been so popular. They are incredibly feminine and sexy and always a favorite for Halloween. There are also many choices for the Playboy costumes, as you can go with the original Playboy outfit or the more modernized version, depending on what you find more attractive.

There are a ton of other options as well when it comes to lingerie costumes, including angels, fairies, doctors, cheerleaders, clowns, gothic, renaissance, roman, and more. The best idea is to find an outfit that is not only going to look good on your figure but also which is going to suit your personality. You want to feel comfortable so that you can feel sexy and work the outfit. Your partner is sure to love it and lingerie costumes always add spice to the sex life.

You always want to try an outfit on before buying it in order to make sure that it fits properly and if anything you want to buy a size smaller so that the fit is tighter and emphasizes all the right areas.