How to Find the Perfect Wedding Lingerie

Once you have set the date, ordered the flowers and purchased the dress, it is time to shop for the perfect set of wedding lingerie. The undergarments that you select for that special day will make a difference not only in how your dress will fit, but in your comfort level as well. And of course, you will want wedding lingerie that will take you from your day as a bride to your night as a newlywed in style and sensuality. While it may seem like a tall order for a simple bra and panty set, there are plenty of great choices in wedding lingerie that will ensure that you can find the perfect pieces to meet your taste, size and budget.

When to Shop

While many women may be tempted to head to the intimate apparel shop as soon as the engagement is announced, it is best to wait to purchase wedding lingerie until after the dress has been selected. This will ensure that the undergarments you choose will offer the proper coverage under your gown without the worry of peek-a-boo straps or hemlines. If you opt for a gown with a low cut bodice, you will want a bra that will make the most of your bust line. For smaller women, this may include a push-up bra or a padded variety. For dresses with low backs, you will want to make sure that your bra or corset comes with a fastener at the waistline, instead of across the middle of your back.

Long, sheath-style dresses will require a long slip underneath to ensure adequate coverage and allow the skirt to drape and flow properly. You can also use your wedding lingerie to enhance your natural shape, by opting for garments that offer additional support or control. If your dress is tight-fitting, you may want to go with a full body suit that will flatten the tummy and draw in the waist to a flattering shape. Keep in mind that although this type of wedding lingerie can be figure enhancing, it can also be quite uncomfortable, so shop carefully and plan accordingly.

The Wedding Night

Since this will be the apparel that you greet your new husband in, you will want your wedding lingerie to be beautiful as well as functional. Don't be afraid to skimp on the details like plenty of lace and ribbon, and opt for the elegant fabrics like silk and satin that will feel as good as they look. For a sexy look, opt for the garter and seamed stockings instead of the traditional panty hose. You will be able to find a broad array of garter belts that will appeal to every taste.

Your wedding lingerie should be a fun item to shop for, and a beautiful ensemble to wear under your gown on your most special day. Take your time and find the best choice in wedding lingerie for you.