Where to Buy Leather Lingerie

There are some really great options available to you if you are looking for leather lingerie and one of the most recognized names in the business is Northbound Leather. They offer leather lingerie for both men and women, and their selection includes coats, harnesses, jackets, shirts, vests, hats, belts, gloves, ties, boots, overalls, bodysuits, latex tops, bottoms, chaps, and accessories.

They offer the finest most high quality leather around and for very reasonable prices. The best part of all is that because they offer much more than just lingerie, you can find all sorts of leather treasures here and not have to worry about shopping around at a bunch of different stores to find the leather goodies that you are looking for.

Allure Leather is another ideal option for leather lingerie, and again you get very reasonable prices especially considering the quality of the leather that they are offering. They have been the leading wholesale leather and PVC lingerie manufacturer since 1993 and have distributors located all throughout North America and Europe.

They offer one of the largest selections of leather lingerie in the world, and this includes bras, bustiers, corsets, dresses and babydolls, g-strings, garterbelts, sets, skirts, teddies, thongs, and a variety of accessories to top the outfit right off.


Regardless of which particular store you decide to do your leather lingerie shopping at, there are a few things you are going to want to remember. Buying leather is never a minor deal, especially since you are going to be paying a lot more because leather is such a luxurious material.

Although with most other types of lingerie you will typically want to choose a size smaller than your regular size, with leather this is not always the case because sometimes leather garments are already a bit smaller than regular. It is very important to try any piece of leather clothing on, lingerie or not, before buying, in order to ensure that it fits you right.

This makes the buying of leather lingerie online very difficult, but if you follow their sizing charts carefully and ensure that there is a money-back guarantee, then you should not have any problems. Leather lingerie is classic, sexy, and will definitely heat things up in the bedroom. It is a material that works and looks great on anyone and if you shop at the right places you can find some really great deals. Every woman should definitely have at least one piece of leather lingerie in her wardrobe.