Purchasing Intimate Lingerie as a Gift

Intimate lingerie can be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. However, it can also be one of the most intimidating items to shop for - especially if you are a husband or boyfriend that is just venturing out into the world of intimates. The good news is that there are some basic guidelines that you can follow to make this shopping trip a bit easier to manage. With a step-by-step plan, you can find the intimate lingerie that you and your mate will both love. The key is in knowing what you are looking for prior to ever heading out to the mall.


While much of the intimate lingerie that you will find will come in easy sizes like small, medium and large, items like bras and panties may have a more detailed sizing chart to consider. There are a couple of ways to handle this sizing dilemma. First, you can simply ask your mate. The other option is to check out a few of the pieces in her lingerie drawer to see what sizes you might find. When guessing, it is generally better to err on the side of smaller sizes to avoid involuntarily offending the woman that you love.


One of the best features of intimate lingerie today is the broad array of colors that you can find. Consider the coloring of your recipient when deciding what hue of lingerie to purchase. If your mate is blonde and fair, any pastel color will do. Brunettes tend to look better in the darker, richer tones like purple, red and emerald. And red-heads will be best complemented with shades of green or blue. Of course, these are just general guidelines to follow; if you prefer, simply buy your spouse's favorite color or go with the traditional black or off-white in your intimate lingerie choice, just to be really safe.


There are many fabrics that are used in creating intimate lingerie, but when you are shopping for a gift, you will want to consider how the item feels against your skin. If you like the texture of a fabric when you touch it, chances are good that your mate will like wearing the garment as well. Beware of some laces that can scratch skin if they rub the wrong way, and opt instead for satins, silks and polyesters that will drape softly on the skin and add comfort as well as style.

Shopping for intimate lingerie for someone else can seem like a challenging task, but getting a good idea of what you are looking for before heading out to the mall can help considerably. Happy shopping.