The Top Names in Designer Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, if you want the best of the best in terms of quality then you are going to want to go with designer lingerie. Sure other types are satisfactory but for lingerie made of the finest materials and designed in the most attractive and flattering styles, designer lingerie is going to be your best bet, without a doubt. If you are looking for great designer lingerie, then there are a few names in particular you are going to want to become more familiar with.

Glamorous Amorous

This is one option that should definitely be considered as a leader in the designer lingerie industry. They adore finding new and beautiful designer lingerie collections from local and international designers and take pride in the fact that they offer their consumers one of the widest and most varied lingerie collections in the world.

Just a few of the designers that they feature are: Ayten Gasson, Amoralia, Beau Bra, Bulb, Chio, Damaris, Discover, Emporiana, Enamore, Eternal Spirits, Fifi Chachnil, Fleur T, Huit, Made by Niki, Mimi Holliday, Miss Mandalay, Only Hearts, Patrick & Skinner, Strumpet & Pink, S.P.A.N.K., Spoylt, Naughty Janet, Verdissima, Verde Veronica, and Vagin Pouvoir.

They are a London-based designer lingerie company that offers you access to designer lingerie that is not traditionally found on most high streets, and as a company their motivation is your satisfaction and they have quickly established themselves as being one of the very best places to go to find desirable designer lingerie combined with original luxury lingerie online.

Style Lingerie

The Style Lingerie Company is another great option for designer lingerie, and they are actually recognized as being one of the leading, most popular lingerie and nightwear retailers on the Internet, which is obviously quite an impressive feat. They seek only to offer the highest quality designer lingerie and apparel from around the world and they are constantly searching for new and talented designers to compliment their existing ranges.

Their aim is to provide you the consumer with a high standard of customer service and to this end they endeavor to keep a large number of lingerie items in stock at all times so that nothing you want will ever be out of stock and therefore inaccessible for some time to you. They keep a constant rolling back order system to ensure a smooth delivery service and they also make sure to deal only with manufacturers who are able to provide a quick service.