Slip Lingerie is a Necessity for Skirts and Dresses

There are some pieces of lingerie that are designed strictly for showing off and others that are made to hide under clothing. A slip lingerie combines both of these worlds by offering a pretty, feminine undergarment that help any skirt or dress to hang a bit cleaner. If you have ever seen a woman sporting a sheer skirt without the important slip lingerie underneath, you know why this piece is so important to include with your ensembles. Slip lingerie will give additional coverage to the legs underneath those skirts, and will help them drape nicely without getting caught between the legs. A slip will also give you an additional reason to feel feminine, with plenty of lace and satin styles to choose from.


While most of the slip lingerie of old was crafted from silk and satin, today's slips are often made from the lower maintenance polyester and rayon fabrics. For those who live in very warm climates, there are also cotton slips that are designed to keep you cooler and drier when the thermometer continues to rise. Your choice of fabric in your slip lingerie will really be more of a matter of preference than anything else. Keep in mind that no matter what material you choose, you will probably want an assortment of slip lingerie in colors ranging from black, to nude and white. This will ensure that no matter what color you are wearing on the outside, you will have a coordinating undergarment to go with it.


One of the biggest fashion faux pas today is to let that slip lingerie peek out underneath your skirt hem. Make sure that you have a number of slip lengths available, so that you will always have the right one for your skirt length. While the slip should reach to near the bottom of your skirt hem, it should never make an appearance underneath your skirt. By the same token, if you are wearing full-length slip lingerie, make sure that your shoulder straps are not going to show underneath your blouse or top of your dress. If necessary, pin the slip straps to your bra or dress to ensure that they stay put.


Although slip lingerie is primarily designed to be worn underneath other clothing, the right slip can also make an alluring piece of lingerie to be worn for a special evening or to simply relax in after a hard day. For this reason, it is a good idea to select slip lingerie that will be pretty enough to stand on its own on those days or nights when you need it to. Look for special embellishments like lace straps or sheer inserts to add interest and drama to your garment. You will find that your slip lingerie is so pretty and comfortable; you will want to wear it all day and night.