Keys to Successful Lingerie Shopping

Whether you are a high-power executive, a creative artist or a mom at home with kids, lingerie shopping is going to be a necessity of life. Some women love it and some women hate it, but all have to do it at one time or another. Perhaps you need to find the perfect undergarments for your newest party dress. Or you simply need to replace the worn selections in your lingerie drawer. No matter what type of undergarments you are looking for, there are some simple tips to make your lingerie shopping easier and more fun.

Where to Shop

Where you do your lingerie shopping will be primarily decided by what you are shopping for. If comfort is your primary goal, you may be able to head to your nearest department store to check out their selection of cotton briefs. On the other hand, it your lingerie shopping will include a special occasion ensemble, you may want to visit an intimate apparel shop. If you will be trying on items, it is best to wear clothing that will be similar to the pieces that will generally be worn over the lingerie, to ensure the best fit.

Consider Function

On your lingerie shopping trip, the first step will be to determine the type of garments that you are shopping for. If the lingerie will be used for everyday, make sure that you find pieces that are comfortable above all else. It is also important to select lingerie that will be easy to care for and will wear well. If you are looking for something to wear under a dress with a plunging neckline or a low back, keep these factors in mind during your lingerie shopping trip to ensure that you select garments that will give you adequate coverage while remaining hidden under your clothing.


If you are unsure of sizing, you can get help in an intimate apparel shop. This is especially true when it comes to finding bras that fit well. Although it may seem intimidating to allow someone to help you find the perfect fit in a bra, the time that is spent with this professional will benefit you in finding underwear that is comfortable and looks good under your clothing. While you are in the fitting room, grab a couple of fun pieces like a thong or risqué teddy to check out just for fun. You never know when you will find a new type of lingerie to love!

Lingerie shopping is not something that should be rushed through if possible. By taking your time and trying pieces on, you will ensure that you find lingerie that is comfortable as well as beautiful. And that is the lingerie that you will want to wear every single day.