Look like a Star in Glamour Lingerie

When you hear the word, "glamour", what do you think of? For many of us, thoughts drift back to the 1930's and the Hollywood glamour girls of old. This is the image that comes to mind with the many lines of glamour lingerie that line the racks of many department stores and intimate shops today. Sexy, sophisticated and subtle will describe these types of intimate items, and they are quite popular for women who want to feel like a star even in the comfort of their own bedrooms.

During the glamour era, a new style of clothing was introduced that was created of slinky fabrics that were meant to drape sensuously around the body. Crepe de chine was one of the most popular choices in evening gown material during this time. The bust line became a focal point in women's fashions, and undergarments were designed to accentuate that feature with the introduction of bras with fitted cups. Glamour lingerie was crafted from materials like silky rayon, with adornments kept to a minimum in favor of a sleek, smooth look.

Glamour Lingerie Today

Today's styles of glamour lingerie tend to mimic this elegant look of bygone days with garments like long, flowing nightgowns in silky fabrics that accentuate the bust. You can find items of glamour lingerie in just about any type of undergarment; from bras and panties to nightgowns and negligees. You can also find beautiful corsets, stockings and garters that will look beautiful underneath your elegant clothing or standing alone for that special night at home.

Many lingerie manufacturers have created their own lines of glamour lingerie, but Fredericks of Hollywood is credited with bringing much of the glamour lingerie into the current day, and is still the first name that many think of in this area. Another popular lingerie retailer that offers plenty of choices in glamour lingerie is Victoria's Secret. No matter what your taste or size, you will be able to find intimate apparel that will suit you perfectly. Just imagine how elegant you will feel in a sheer babydoll lined with fur and a pair of high-heeled slippers. Perfect for those special private celebrations.

Glamour lingerie can be found in many department and specialty stores worldwide, and can also be found through many internet shopping sources. If you are looking for glamour lingerie, you will find a wide variety that will suit your every taste in fabric, color and style. Why not treat yourself to a special intimate set that will make you feel like the Hollywood starlets of old?