Why Red Lingerie is a Popular Choice

When you think of passion, what color comes to your mind first? For many of us, it is indeed the color red. This will undoubtedly explain why red lingerie is such a perpetually hot item in intimate shops. A silky red piece of intimate apparel will vibrate with passion and romance like no other item of clothing can. However, not all red lingerie is created equal. If you are thinking of purchasing red lingerie for yourself or for that special someone in your life, there are a few factors in lingerie shopping that should come to mind.

Who can Wear Red?

With the exception of true redheads, almost anyone can wear some shade of red and look great in it. Keep in mind that if your coloring runs toward the cooler tones, you will want to look for a red that has blue undertones, or leans toward the burgundy or purple shades. For warmer tones, a spicy red with an orange undertone will suit your coloring perfectly. It is also important to note that red lingerie can mean a hot ensemble consisting of bra, panties and a garter, or it can lean to a more sophisticated, glamour look with a long, flowing nightgown and matching wrap. Think about the style that you are most comfortable in, and then hunt for the item in that red color that you are craving.

Fabric is a really key component in red lingerie, since comfort will be essential in creating the right mood. Most women tend to favor soft, silky fabrics as opposed to lacy numbers that can scratch and cause irritation. Silk, satin and rayon are all popular fabric choices in red lingerie, since they will feel sensuous to the touch and drape across the body's curves in a subtly sexy way. You can find these materials in everything from teddies to nightgowns and every length in between.

When Red becomes Practical

Most of us do not think of red lingerie as the practical choice in undergarments, but if you are wearing a red blouse to the office, a red bra can finish your look much nicer than a peek-a-boo white or black bra can. There are some clothing items that do require a coordinating piece of lingerie, so that it does not distract from your finished look. However, in a case like this, it is best to opt for a more conservative piece of red lingerie. A simple bra or pair of panties can be well hidden under those favorite red clothing items.

There is plenty of red lingerie to choose from today, in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit just about anyone. Treat yourself to red lingerie today, and feel like a sexy starlet tonight!