Consider Toxic Mold Symptoms for your Undiagnosed Illness

Consider Toxic Mold Symptoms for your Undiagnosed Illness

Do you get flu-like symptoms during those times of year when flu is not normally prevalent in your community? Do you have a cold, sinus or allergy symptoms that seem to linger on even with treatment? Chances are that you might actually have toxic mold symptoms rather than viral or bacterial illness.

This wolf in sheep's clothing scenario is what makes toxic mold symptoms hazardous to your health. Doctors often misdiagnose the above symptoms, through no fault of their own, which prolongs your agony as well as the proper treatment which could actually alleviate them. These toxic mold symptoms typically only occur when you have a mold outbreak in your home.

Playing Detective

When you have these toxic mold symptoms and you are really unsure whether mold in your home is the cause simply because you haven't seen any, it is time to start playing detective. There are a few questions that you can ask yourself and answer which could lead you to the conclusion of mold. First of all, do you even have a hint of an earthy or musty smell anywhere in your home?

Are there certain rooms in your home which cause a stuffy nose, eye irritation, scratchy throat or sudden onset of headaches, dizziness or nausea? If you can answer yes to the two above questions, then chances are that you do indeed have mold in your home. Other things to think about are whether you have humidity problems in your home or poor ventilation. These are favorable conditions for mold and could cause your toxic mold symptoms as a result.

Treating Toxic Mold Symptoms

The only true way that you can get rid of those toxic mold symptoms is to eradicate the mold in your home for good. You should consider hiring a mold inspection company to come to your home and help identify trouble areas, especially if you are unsure or cannot see any mold. A lot of mold can grow behind walls and above ceilings out of eyesight.

As for your health, toxic mold symptoms should be treated as using pain relievers for headaches and nasal sprays and other allergy medications for the sinus and allergy mimicked symptoms. In addition, there may be some antifungal medications that the doctors can prescribe which could help lessen the severity of toxic mold symptoms.

If left unchecked toxic mold symptoms could get worse causing bleeding lungs, memory loss, depression, mild dementia and even hearing loss. These toxic mold symptoms are extreme but definitely a possibility if mold is not identified and treated in your home.

As a precaution in your home once the mold has been treated successfully, you should consider purchasing a clean air HEPA machine which will filter out a number of allergens including dead mold spores which can still cause health problems.