Methods Of Mold Prevention

Methods Of Mold Prevention

Before we tackle mold prevention, we first learn what kind of living organism molds are and how they grow. Molds are fungi that like humid and damp places where they can get enough moisture to grow. They also usually grow on dead organic matter or any organic matter that has enough moisture in it. This is the first clue to mold prevention, molds like moisture.

Molds also reproduce using spores. These spores are released into the air and these can be one of the many causes of allergies in people. Worst still, some molds can be toxic to people, not through spores but through their gaseous secretions called mycotoxins.

Steps To Mold Prevention

Mold prevention is easier said than done especially of you live in a house that has had some water damaged or leakage in the past. Molds thrive near water leaks and damp walls previously exposed to floods. Only by determining if your house has had any water damage in the past and then properly fixing the water damage can you achieve proper mold prevention.

Other than that, mold prevention is done by: Acting quickly on leaks and floods. Drying the area affected by water damage as soon as possible can effectively eliminate the possibility of molds growing in that area. Maintain roof gutters and clean them regularly. These methods can stop the gutters from accumulating debris that can in turn be storage for moisture and molds. Mold prevention in a building's foundation can be done by making sure that the ground around the structure slopes away from it and not towards it. This can prevent water from seeping in to the foundation of the structure and prevent any possible mold infestation. Keeping drip lines and drain pans clean and free from obstruction maintaining low humidity indoors. This will ensure mold prevention since molds will not thrive as easily as when it is humid. Reducing condensation due to leaks or air-conditioning. Condensation is a source of moisture, no matter how little, which can feed mold spores and encourage their growth. Since this is an air conditioner we are talking about, the risk of inhaling mold spores or mycotoxins is high.

The key to mold prevention is to properly maintain your home or building by controlling leaks and any other sources of moisture. Humidity and condensation are also sources of moisture and these must be stopped or carefully monitored for mold prevention.