The Different Views Of Toxic Mold Syndrome

The Different Views Of Toxic Mold Syndrome

Toxic mold syndrome is a sickness that has just recently surfaced. Many are saying that this sickness is just borne out of the sudden rash of mold related incidents and illnesses. On the other hand, others also say that it is a very solid sickness that threatens a lot of people. Toxic mold syndrome has turned out to be controversial illnesses.

What Is Toxic Mold Syndrome?

Some people claim that toxic mold syndrome is the effect of prolonged and habitual exposure to molds and mold spores. Many workers, especially those who are assigned in storerooms and places where mold may be abundant have often complained of mold allergies. The repetitive symptoms of these mold allergies have prompted some people to call it toxic mold syndrome.

Some researchers have in fact established that those people who claim to be afflicted with toxic mold syndrome have an entirely different sickness altogether. The claims of the people supposedly afflicted with toxic mold syndrome may then be just claims which are pursued in order to win in litigation.

On the other hand, some research facilities have issued statements that toxic mold syndrome may be more real than we think. These groups of people believe that toxic mold syndrome is the effect of a continuous exposure to molds and its spores. This exposure can turn deadly for some people who are sensitive to molds and its spores. Symptoms of mold allergy which are mild can take a turn for the worse if the exposure is habitual and if the exposure is from toxic mold.

Symptoms of toxic mold syndrome include but are not limited to memory loss, anxiety, nose bleeds, affected lung capacity, abdominal pain, skins rashes, hair loss, numbness and pain in the extremities, rectal bleeding, sore throat, mood swings and many others. The more severe effects of this syndrome are brain tissue destruction, chronic sinus problems, open skin sores, lung disease and fungal infections. Depressing as these may seem, they are real and can happen if an individual is exposed to the wrong kind of mold.

Up until now, the verdict of whether toxic mold syndrome is really a sickness that we need to lookout for or just the financial cash cow for some people is being debated. What we do know is that some types of molds can really be toxic to people and we have to be careful not to be exposed to these types of molds.