Advantages Of Machine Quilting In Sections

Machine quilting in sections offers an advantage to many quilters who might otherwise have to pay someone to quilt their quilt. It breaks down the quilt pieces into smaller sections that are easier to handle. This does require a certain amount of knowledge and skill, but it can be done on many of your pieced items.

When machine quilting in sections, you must allow for enough room to make a seam on all sides of the piece. You can always go back and quilt the seams after you have joined the pieces together.

In addition to allowing for seams, you must also allow for the batting to fit under the seams. You will need to hold the batting back when you are making your seams. After the seam is made you may need to go back and trim the batting to fit.

When you choose to quilt your quilt in sections it eliminates the need for a special quilting machine. Your regular sewing machine should handle the job nicely with the addition of a walking foot. This type foot allows you to move your piece around without having to raise the pressure foot.

Steps To Machine Quilting In Sections

First you must assemble all of your quilt blocks. You can cut your backing to equal the size of your finished piece, plus enough to finish the edges. You can add batting as you go but you must be careful not to overlap. You should always carefully pin each block before quilting so as to not get puckers on the back side of the quilt.

You can begin in the center of your quilt of you may choose to do one row at a time. Beginning in the center, when machine quilting in sections, will provide you with the best overall finished product.

Another way to success is to quilt small sections at a time and then later join each section together to complete the quilt. This will allow you to work with smaller pieces until most of the quilting is done. There will only be a small amount of quilting left to be done after you get all of the pieces joined.

Once you have the entire quilt joined together you will then want to add a border. The border will provide you with a finished product. This can be done with biased tape or you can actually cut your border from fabric that matches the quilt top.

Machine quilting in sections can be the answer for those who do not have a quilting machine. It allows you to work with smaller pieces which are easier to handle. It can be extremely gratifying to complete your quilt yourself. Machine quilting in sections can save you money on quilting costs and provide you with a beautiful finished quilt.