Purchasing Black and White Quilting Fabric

One of most dramatic and dynamic quilts is a black and white one. While they are easy to make, finding quality material is of utmost importance. While it may not seem like it, black and white quilting fabric is more important than fabric in colorful quilts because it is a lot harder to hide imperfections in the fabric with no colors. In addition black and white quilting fabric can enhance fabric in a full color quilt, either by association or being sewed together into one quilt.

High Quality Black and White Quilting Fabric

Perhaps one of the highest quality and most unique black and white quilting fabric is the City Limits line from Blank Textiles. There are five unique completely black and white designs in this line, as well as two others that are black and white with splashes of red. Each of the five patterns offers you a different base for your black and white quilt. These high quality black and white quilting fabrics can be found at most quilting supply stores or online as well.

The first pattern, Eclipse, offered has a black background with white highlights. In this pattern the cityscape is not readily apparent, it more of an abstract watercolor black and white representation. The next pattern, Tea, is a cartoon cityscape of a what appears to be an old New York. Coffee houses, outdoor patios, a steak house are prevalent in this pattern. It has a white background and black drawings. Next on our list of black and white quilting fabric is Black.

This pattern is a black pattern with white on top drawn in a stenciled style. This pattern has buildings packed tightly together in and old world cityscape. The same pattern offered in a brown background with white highlights is called cocoa. Blank Textiles also offers a similar pattern to the tea pattern, expect the buildings are much more spaced out. Perhaps a clever quilter could work these patterns together to form a dynamic cityscape scene.

This review of black and white quilting fabric is only meant to be an introduction. As you can see one specific line from Blank Textiles offers a plethora of design options for the clever quilter. With literally thousands of different patterns out there the options are endless for you the creative quilter. Do not be afraid to try something different, and perhaps looking at black and white quilting fabric is exactly what you need.