The Beauty Of Continuous Line Quilting

One of the most beautiful finished quilts is one that is made with continuous line quilting. There are numerous patterns and designs to choose from. You are limited only by your skill. All you need is your sewing machine, thread, and a walking foot that allows you to glide your fabric in the needed direction.

When you get ready to quilt your piece, you may need to mark the continuous line quilting pattern on the piece to give you a guide to go by. Some of the more advanced quilters can simply look at a pattern and stitch it without the drawing but most need to mark in order to get the best accuracy.

Continuous Line Quilting Patterns

There are many places on the internet to find continuous line quilting patterns. You can print these out on your printer and use them to mark your pieces. There are also plenty of books which contain continuous line quilting patterns that can be used over and over.

Some of the more popular ones are the snowflake which is obviously in the shape of a snowflake. This is a good pattern to use on a quilt which has a winter theme. Another one is the holly berry block which is great for Christmas themes.

You can also find patterns with themes such as footballs for a sports theme, or feathers for a Victorian theme quilt. Using a football on one square and a football helmet on the next makes a great quilt to take out on those cool nights while attending a game. You can even make them in the colors that represent the team you are supporting.

With continuous line quilting you can literally draw a picture onto your quilt. You can determine whether your pattern is simple or intricate. You may also use this type quilting technique for quilting around shapes on the quilt such as the Dutch girl or flowers which you have formed.

With this technique you can also make a quilt that is solid color but with beautiful pattern stitching. An off-white quilt with off-white stitching makes a very expensive looking quilt. On the other hand, you may prefer to stitch in a contrasting color for a more dramatic effect. You can use this technique to sign your name to your quilt when you are finished.

Continuous line quilting can be done on a regular machine or on a long arm quilter. Once you have mastered control of your machine you will be able to make some beautiful quilted pieces to adorn either your bed or your wall. They also make great gifts that will be cherished by the person who receives them.