Beginner Hand Quilting - Learn The Joy Of Quilting

Hand quilting can be a great way to relax and create something that can be passed down generation to generation. Beginner hand quilting is the best place to start. Even though it may seem simple, quilting is not as easy as it looks. The best thing to do when learning how to quilt is to begin with beginner hand quilting techniques.

Beginner Hand Quilting Techniques

There are some beginner hand quilting techniques that everyone should learn when they are first starting out. The first beginner hand quilting technique to learn is how to put the various pieces together. This is the first of the basics of quilting. Once the basics of cutting, putting the pieces together and matching everything up have been learned in addition to how to put everything together to make the entire project it is time to learn the basics of the stitches involved.

There are a few basic stitches that belong with any hand quilting. The first would be the hem stitch. For those that are not aware a hem stitch is used to create a hem or a finish to the edge of something. This is usually used on the edges and can be used when placing two pieces together.

For the designs inside quilting blocks, a variety of stitches can be used. Usually you will see back, straight, cross, outline, French knot and satin stitch. These are the most common stitches used to create the borders and designs found inside the quilting blocks themselves.

These stitches take time to learn so it is a good idea to do practice pieces and samplers before working on the actual project. This will help to ensure that the stitches on the project themselves is done well.

If you need assistance in getting started, there are a number of books that can provide detailed diagrams of the various steps necessary to work a beautiful piece of art. If books are not your thing the internet has a wonderful set of sites and resources that can provide you with a huge set patterns, diagrams, tips and tricks to making a quilt the first time around.

If you are a beginner in the world of quilting or sewing then it is a good idea to consider the fact that there are classes available that can help you in learning the various aspects of quilting. These classes can usually be found at your fabric and craft supply store.