Quilting Designs - Beginning Through Advanced

The first step to any art produce is the design and the same goes for quilting. Quilting designs are simply the patterns used to create masterpieces using cloth. There are hundreds perhaps even thousands of quilting designs that range from simple designs that anyone can do to quilting designs that can only be accomplished by individuals with a significant amount of skill.

Where To Find Quilting Designs

There are a number of places to find quilting designs. The first place to look, especially these days, is the internet. Just about, anything you want to know about can be found through simple internet searches. There are also a number of resources available through craft stores, books, and even quilting clubs if you have one in your area.

Of course, depending on your age you can always ask an older person from your family such as a mother or grandmother, aunt or cousin who may be old enough to have done quilting and needlecrafts. There are also other things to consider when finding designs for quilting. Just about anything can become a quilt design, there are a number of iron on transfers, patterns, even software applications that can turn any picture into a design that you can use for a quilting block.

Quilt designs are not just about the pictures that are stitched onto the fabric. They are also about the type of stitching that is done. In fact, there are some quilts that are nothing more than plain fabric that has a series of designs created simply by stitching. The stitching can be in the same color thread as the quilt fabric or it can be done in a contrasting color. The point is that designs are not just about pictures, they do not have to be fancy in order to be attractive and they do not have to be hard to accomplish.

Though you may be a little intimidated when you first look at some of the quilting designs that are available, especially if you are looking at the final product or you are only looking at the design specifications without seeing the final product. This is why it is a good idea to take quilting classes. There are a number of classes usually available in an area provided there is a craft store, which sells quilting supplies. The majority of large and even small stores that sell supplies for quilting usually offer classes for beginners in both hand and machine quilting.