Quilting Arts - More Than Just Bedclothes

Quilting arts are more than just the art of creating wonderful bed coverings. Quilting arts involve any type of process that involves the particular techniques found in quilting. Quilting arts include things such as jackets, and various other coverings. Quilting simply involves the use of two pieces of fabric, filling in the middle usually batting and of course the stitching necessary to keep the batting from shifting between the layers.

Types Of Items Found In The Quilting Arts

While there is an art to making regular quilts and mastering all the various types of patterns and designs that are necessary in order to create the various types of quilts that are out there. It is more than just placing two pieces of fabric together and randomly stitching.

One of the more common items that quilting techniques can be found in surprisingly, potholders. That is right. You will find this type of technique used on the hand covers and potholders used for use in the oven. The quilted designs allow the potholders to have significantly more padding and protection without being significantly larger.

Another item that has made use of common techniques found in quilting is the winter coat. Most heavy winter coats that have the plush diamond pattern are usually created using the quilting techniques. By using the quilting techniques to create the coat it is easier to provide a warm garment that has significantly less weight comparatively. This is why these techniques have become time-honored parts of the art of quilting.

Quilts can be works of art in and of themselves. It is not uncommon to see a well-made quilt attract the attention of anyone who enters a room. That goes for everything else that can be created using quilting techniques. Looking online or in books can provide a wealth of information and ideas on using the art of quilting in everyday life and applications.

The art of quilting can be used in a number of every day applications to provide for padding, warmth and comfort. They can be used for whatever you need to have protection for and covering. Not only can use you this type of cover for your hands to protect it from the heat but also as decorative covers for things like toasters, blenders, and other kitchen appliances. These are the most common uses for such covers. Clothing wise quilted items are used for warmth and for comfort and can be either thick or relatively then depending on the design.