Selecting The Right Quilting Fabrics For Your Project

For those who love to quilt, there is no doubt in their minds that the quilting fabrics you select for a project can make or break the entire thing. A quilt is made up of all sorts of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Some quilts are designed for nothing other then to be beautiful while others tell a story. A lot of people will use special or particular kinds of quilting fabrics that go along with their theme or the story that they are trying to tell and they can get these fabrics from all sorts of places.

When someone finds the right quilting fabrics they just know it, as it will seem to fall into place with what is already going on with the quilt. Some people may take a few months to put together a quilt while others may take a few years. It will depend on their purpose for the quilt. If it is to tell a story of a child's life, the one making the quilt may take up to eighteen years to complete it. This way, they can have a patch for each important step during the child's life and quilting fabrics for this may be collected on the way.

Where To Get The Fabric

There are a lot of places that sell fabric, which can be used as quilting fabrics. But the fact of the matter is that any sort of fabric can be used for a quilt. It you like it and it will work well with the other quilting fabrics you are using, you should go ahead and add it in. There is no real rule when collecting quilting fabrics as they do not have to match and they do not have to be made of the same material. Some people will use a piece from a used baby blanket, or a piece of a prom gown, or an old favorite shirt that was worn thin because it was worn all of the time.

As long as the fabric looks and feels good to you then it should be used in your quilt. If it means something special or will remind you of a lovely time in your life, then add it in. A truly beautiful quilt is one that is made out of love and memories. Take your time with it, as there is no need to rush through it. Keep your eyes open and always think of new quilting fabrics you can collect in case you can use them later down the road.