Quilting Frame Plans - Use Quilting Frame Plans To Build Your Own Frame

Quilting frames can be an expensive investment if you are buying ready to go frames. However, they can be significantly less expensive if you take the time to put the frame together yourself. There are a number of quilting frame plans that are available. There are also a number of places to find quilting frame plans so you do not have to be limited in where to search when looking for the perfect set of quilting frame plans for you and your projects.

How To Use Quilting Frame Plans

There are a number of different types of frames that can be used to hold your projects. The first thing to do is pick the size of frame that you want. Various types of quilting projects are going to need different size frames. After all, you would not use a frame made for California king quilts to do lap quilts with. Once you have decided on the type of frame and the size it is time to get started. Luckily, plans usually include a supply list. This is where you can really save some money. Depending on the type of frame, you are building you and the size you can probably find the wood you need to create the frame very easily.

A quick trip to the hardware or local hardware department can pick up the necessary screws and fasteners you may need. Then simply follow the instructions in the plans and finish your work so that your frame will not have any rough edges that could snag needle, thread or fabric. There are also a number of different options when it comes to standing on the floor or being what is called a sit on it frame. This is the type for frame that is actually held in the lap position by the individual sitting on a brace using their leg to hold the frame steady.

Either type of frame is easily made at home however, the floor based rather than lap based frames are probably going to be the more difficult to create because of their size. It is rather easy to create the type of frame that can sit in the lap. In addition, with the majority of the materials being easily found for free it can be a very inexpensive way to create a wonderful frame for relatively no money. It does take some tools and a bit of knowledge.