Acne Alternative Treatment Ideas

There are plenty of articles written on what is the definition of acne and what are the causes of acne. This article will focus on the alternative treatments that you might not be familiar with. Alternative acne treatments include nutrition, herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy acupressure, Reflexology and other types of treatments to help you with acne problems.

Zinc for Acne

Zinc is sometimes used as an alternative acne treatment for those who suffer from acne. Zinc has proven effective in dealing with acne in two research studies however; antibiotic medications have been shown to be more effective for people that have acne. Some people have complained of a metallic taste and upset stomachs from using zinc. If taken in large dosages zinc has several harmful side effects. Also if you think scarring from your acne might be possible you might want to avoid using zinc as your alternative acne treatment.

Herbal Medicine

Some herbalists recommend black currant seed oil and also primrose oil. You may have to take it for three months. Other herbal medicines recommended as alternative acne treatments are tea tree oil, Echinacea, and goldenseal. If your doctor believes that stress is making your acne worse try relaxing by drinking a cup of lavender or chamomile tea. Chinese herbalists have suggested people use honeysuckle flower to combat acne.

Although the majority of specialists in treating acne do not believe that foods cause acne, some alternative acne treatment specialists believe a diet rich in beta carotene which can be found in cantaloupe, carrots and other fruits and vegetables can help people treat their acne problem.

Face Washing

Some people recommend washing your face with a paste mad out of chic pea paste. One of the more unusual alternative acne treatments involves combining goat's milk with almond powder and applying the paste to your acne. After a few minutes the paste should dry and then simply remove the paste.

Homeopathy remedies

You might want to consider seeking the advice from a professional homeopath for alternative acne treatments. However, there have only been a few studies that have looked at the benefits of homeopathic remedies for acne. Some homeopathic specialists have recommended Calendula for skin problems that involve pustules. If you have pain form puss filled acne you might want to inquire about Hepar sulfur.

If you are trying to eliminate pustules or acne that forms pits in your skin you might want to investigate using Silica. It is important to get advice form experts before using most of these alternative acne treatments because some of them can have harmful side effects and some of them have not been thoroughly studied by professional researchers to evaluate their effectiveness or their possible harmful side effects.