Clearing Things Up with Clearlight Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition that has plagued tweens to adults with its telltale signs of red inflamed pustules that often seem to defy all traditional therapies. Over the counter lotions, gels, toners and more can help somewhat just as prescription versions given to you by your doctor. But what happens when all of these lotions and potions do not do the job of clearing up your acne? It is at this juncture that you ask your dermatologist about the possibility of a new, cutting edge procedure called Clearlight acne treatment.

Defining This New Option

Clearlight acne treatment employs a violet blue light, when aimed at your blemishes, triggers porphyrins which are special compounds that fight bacteria. The porphyrins activate a chemical reaction within your blemished skin area which in turn creates peroxide, a component that contributes to the destruction of the bacteria that causes the acne.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Clearlight acne treatment for those patients with inflammatory acne from the mild to moderate stages. Serious blemishes like cystic acne need more drastic measures in order to clear up as Clearlight acne treatment is not approved for that use.

Basic Details of the Procedure

Sessions of the Clearlight acne treatment typically take around 25 - 30 minutes and you may feel a slight tingly warmth sensation at the location site. This type of remedy for acne is one of the safest ones around and there are no known side effects that can be detrimental to your health. The Clearlight acne treatment targets the blemishes themselves and does not cause harm to the area around the blemished skin.

You may experience some noticeable changes after the first two or three Clearlight acne treatments but you must be patient and book doctor appointments for this at least 48 hours or more apart. Keep in mind that this treatment works for up to 90% of people who have tried it but it will take some time - at least two to three treatments - before you yourself may recognize any changes.

Other Details

What you should know about this Clearlight acne treatment is that while it may improve the red inflamed pustules, it will not clear up any blackheads or whiteheads so you must still use a topical treatment on them. Still, the Clearlight acne treatment is a great advancement in clearing your acne and is another great avenue to pursue in your quest to become blemish-free.

Thoughts to Ponder

Up to 20% of the people who have tried the Clearlight acne treatment were not successful in clearing their blemishes as they could have had photo-resistant bacteria. In addition, if you have experienced success with the Clearlight acne treatment, please note that these results are not always permanent. However, you can get several treatments a week, month or longer, depending on your time frame.