Try Different Types Of Cystic Acne Treatment And Get Relief

When there are breakouts of cystic acne, they could cause a lot of pain and also result in heavy scars, and according to many dermatologists, it is a condition that is very severe because even the best topical cystic acne treatment will not be able to get to the root of the condition. What's more, after cystic acne treatment, the healing process is rather slow due to the fact that infection is buried deep in the skin and thus treatment is generally restricted to taking of oral medications, and it is also wise for you to always consult your dermatologist before proceeding to treat the problem.

Isotretinoin Is Commonly Used Drug

If you must go for cystic acne treatment, then using isotretinoin is recommended because of the potency of this drug, and the drug is made by man and is a form of retinoid or Vitamin A which can be consumed as pills. The advantage of this method of treating cystic acne is that it alone can treat excessive production of oil and also inflammation and even your skin pores should they become clogged.

In any case, you will need to take isotretinoin for approximately twenty weeks and mainly it will do its job with just a single therapy course, though there are side-effects to contend with among which is the chance of developing birth defects in a fetus, and so pregnant women should not think about using this drug. Other side effects of taking isotretinoin as part of cystic acne treatment include aching muscles, lips as well as eyes becoming uncomfortably dry, feeling pains in the chest as well as feeling depressed.

You should be careful about using this drug in your cystic acne treatment because the side-effects can lead to further and more serious problems with your health, and thus you would do well to consult your doctor first before proceeding with using isotretinoin.

However, women patients can use oral contraceptives in their cystic acne treatment since they could lead to suppression of overactive sebaceous glands, and they are also safe to use in the continuing future. Sometimes, it has been found that cystic acne treatment may not prove to be effective and under such circumstances there may be need to have drainage performed, which is a form of acne surgery and therefore requires professional handling and also an environment that is sterile.

Another cystic acne treatment option open to you is getting injected with corticosteroid that is much diluted and which will help bring down inflammations and also improve the pace of your healing taking not more than a week to clear the cyst and it also does not allow rupturing and even scarring.