Back Acne Treatments That Are Useful

Just like acne that appears on your face, there are several causes that form back acne. Around puberty the sebaceous glands act more assertively and produce too much sebum which is an oily substance. The sebaceous glands become stimulated due to the male hormones called androgens becoming active and these male hormones are formed in boys and girls in the adrenal glands.

Sebaceous Glands

The sebaceous glands constantly make and secrete oil through your pores. When too much oil is produced your pores and your hair particles easily become clogged and this impedes the removal of dead cells from your skin. This action causes the dead cells and the oil to clog up the hair foicles and this situation appeals to bacteria. The surrounding skin tissue becomes inflamed due to the presence of the bacteria and this causes acne to be created.

Back acne as the name suggests can be found on the back but it can also show up on the buttocks. People with back acne can have large lesions and they can be painful. Acne on the back and on buttocks can also be caused or made worse by wearing clothing that is too tight or by carrying a backpack which is too heavy. Back acne affects people in almost all areas of the world and there are plenty of people using different types of back acme treatments to help them with their symptoms.

Back Acne Treatments

The skin on the back is tougher and thicker when compared to other body areas so you can apply benzoyl peroxide in the 10 percent strength which usually is not recommended for other parts of your body. For back acne treatments you can use medicines and lotions that are recommended for facial acne such as Alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acid. If you have a mild case of back acne you might want to try using over the counter products as back acne treatments to reduce your symptoms. If the acne is severe such as having cysts you should visit your doctor or dermatologist. You might want to ask your doctor about using Retinoid, azelaic acid and antibiotics as back acne treatments.

If you have back acne and the infection is deep and not just close to the surface of your skin it can make papules. If the acne is even deeper you can acquire cysts which are the worst type of acne and cysts can cause permanent scarring. Food does not seem to be a factor in the formation of back acne nor does it seem to increase the problems you might have with your back acne. Extreme sweating doesn't seem to cause acne on your back. Stress can make facial acne worsen but studies have show that stress doesn't have this affect on back acne. Back acne can be mild or severe but there are back acne treatments that are available to help you.