The Best Acne Cures Follow Three Simple Steps

There are many acne fighting products on the market, but the very best acne cures follow three simple steps. The best acne cures on the market have three things in common: they all exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize your skin.

The Best Acne Cures Exfoliate

Acne starts below the surface of your skin when your pores clog with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. By the time a blemish appears on your face, it is already close to a week old. You can try to treat blemishes after they appear with cover up, ointment or other topical creams, but the best acne cures fight the problem before it ever comes to the surface by cleansing away oil and dirt deep down.

If you want your cleansers to penetrate below the surface of your skin and clean away deep down dirt and grime, it is important to start your face care regimen with a good exfoliating scrub. Always make sure that the product you use to exfoliate your skin is gentle. If the product is too harsh it can actually irritate the skin and cause even more breakouts. Always exfoliate your skin by gently scrubbing the product in light circles across the surface of your face and make sure you completely rinse the product away.

The Best Acne Cures Gently Cleanse

Many people think that in order to cleanse their face and clear up acne they need to use a super strong product. The best acne cures are gentle because using a product that is too harsh or too strong can cause your skin to have a bad reaction which can actually cause worse breakouts.

A gentle product made with natural ingredients can actually be a more effective acne cleanser than those products labeled extra strength. If you use a gentle cleanser after exfoliating it will be able to penetrate the surface of your skin and strip away dirt and grime without stripping away the natural oils that your skin needs to stay healthy.

The Best Acne Cures Moisturize

Oily and acne prone skin needs to be moisturized just as much as dry, unblemished skin. If you want a perfect complexion, make sure that your skin care routine doesn't leave out the all important step of moisturizing. Skin that is overly dry tends to try and make up for the dryness by overproducing oil. This can actually lead to even more breakouts. Finishing your daily facial cleansing with a good moisturizer will help keep your skin tone balanced and breakouts at bay.