Is There an Acne Cure?

Acne can really be a devastating skin condition. It is often so severe that it becomes damaging to one's self-esteem and self-confidence and often even drives them to avoid doing the regular, day to day activities that they once found simple. Many people with acne do not even want to leave their home because they feel so self conscious about their skin.

It is no wonder either, as acne tends to appear on the face more than anywhere else on the body and is therefore basically impossible to hide. Even with thickly applied makeup you can usually still see acne and so people who are suffering from this condition often find it incredibly difficult to deal with.

Acne Cure

There is no real acne cure available, at least not yet, but there are many products on the market today that can be considered as being just as good as an acne cure. One in particular is Proactiv, which is also one of the most renowned and notorious acne fighting products available today.

It is an acne fighting system that is comprised of three different products. The first is the renewing cleanser, which is a unique oil-free formula that works by gently exfoliating dead skin cells on the face and body and penetrates deep into the pores to remove bacteria and heal blemishes fast. The second step of the Proactiv system involves the revitalizing toner, which is a refreshing alcohol-free toner that removes dead skin cells and unplugs pores.

Finally there is the repairing lotion which is a light and oil-free lotion as well. This product works to heal blackheads and other blemishes, as well as prevent future breakouts on the skin.

Many users of the Proactiv system would claim that it actually is an acne cure because it works so well and so quickly.

Another product that would be considered by many as being an acne cure is Accutane, which is similar to Proactiv yet much stronger and has many more restrictions in terms of who can use it. It should not be used by women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or nursing, as one of its most major side effects is birth defects.

It also can cause an array of other side effects as well, even liver dysfunction, and so it is therefore important that you consult with your doctor first before taking this product and as well try out other less serious methods of treatment and see if they work before starting yourself on something as severe as this.