Break Away from Blemishes with Proactive Acne Treatment

Statistics show that virtually all teenagers suffer from acne at some point or another and up to 40% of adults experience a few episodes of breakouts as well. There is no known cure for acne but there are countless treatments for the problem, resulting in a billion dollar market worldwide. One of these, Proactive acne treatment, has been very successful in clearing up mild to moderate acne in many people.

Proactive acne treatment is not recommended for severe nodular or cystic acne but for the majority of the population who have the mild to moderate cases it has been a godsend for many. It is a simple three part process that must be completed twice a day for maximum effectiveness. Many people show great progress in one to two weeks with Proactive acne treatment.

The Three Part Process

Proactive acne treatment consists of three different products which work to stop the acne causing bacteria in its tracks. The first step in the treatment is the renewing cleanser which contains the star ingredient benzoyl peroxide. The cleanser in the Proactive acne treatment contains tiny particles of grain which act as a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and works deeply to lead a bacteria attack.

The second step in the Proactive acne treatment is compromised of a refreshing toner which is alcohol-free. The toner serves to remove dead skin cells and maintain a balance in your skin tone all the while prepping the skin for the next phase - repairing lotion. The third part of the Proactive acne treatment uses a lotion with tiny pulverized benzoyl peroxide that works its way into the pores to stage a defense against the bacteria. This repairing lotion will help heal acne you already have as well as thwart new ones from cropping up.

Other Important Information

The Proactive acne treatment was developed by two dermatologists who spent years studying ingredients to come up with an effective option for clearing up acne. This three-part treatment plan uses prescription quality benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria as well as other natural ingredients like chamomile and aloe to prevent your skin from drying.

A refining mask is also available to complement the Proactive acne treatment and it works to enhance the positive effects of the treatment. The mask is soothing and incorporates sulphur, a common ingredient used for years in the treatment of acne. The sulphur in this Proactive acne treatment mask refines the pores of your skin and gives the healing power of the whole process a boost.

In order for Proactive acne treatment to works its magic and give you clearer skin, you should use the products twice a day - once in the morning and once at night before bed time. Being consistent in this treatment plan is the key to clear, healthy skin.