Acne Scarring Treatment: Repairing Damaged Skin

Whether big or small, acne scars can be quite annoying. Having some craters and holes in your face is never fun especially if you are one of those people who takes pride in the way you look. Fortunately, there is a number of acne scarring treatments that can help remove the marks on your face. The good news about these acne scarring treatments is that they are readily available and usually affordable.

All you need to do is to find the right type of treatment for you and schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. However, since acne scarring treatment is considered a part of cosmetic surgery to enhance your looks, most insurance companies will not pay for this type of treatment. If you really want to have acne scarring treatment, you will need to pay for the treatment from your own pocket. Since most of these procedures are affordable, getting acne scarring treatment is relatively easy.

Laser Acne Scarring Treatment

The use of laser technology in treating acne scars is considered as one of the safest and most effective ways to get rid of those ugly blemishes on your face. Carbon dioxide lasers which penetrate deeply into the skin can help elevate the collagen fibers in the skin thus restoring the natural contour of your face. The result of this type of acne scarring treatment is really good. According to people who have tried this procedure, the overall tone of their skin improved and most of the craters, holes and scars on their faces are no longer visible.

Autologous Fat Transfer

This type of acne scarring treatment is suitable for people who have large, deep and severe acne scars especially on their faces. The procedure is to take fat from one part of the body of the patient and inject the fact underneath the scars to help the skin rise to normal level. Since the fats injected underneath the scar will eventually be reabsorbed by the body, the process needs to be repeated every six to 18 months. Yes, it does sound painful but it you really want to look good, the discomfort is just a small price to pay.


This type of acne scarring treatment involves "sanding" the surface of the skin. By removing the foreskin together with the scar contours and allow new skin to grow, the scars can be eliminated. The process is really quite effective and many people prefer this type of treatment. Is it painful? Actually, you will not really know how painful the whole process will be because you will be under anesthesia throughout the process.