Laser Acne Treatment Is Very Invasive, Expensive And Effective

Laser acne treatment that has been known for many years is now becoming the favored method of treating acne and is more and more often used in place of traditional methods of treating acne and also for preventing acne. One of the reasons for this new popularity of laser acne treatment is that the old method of using antibiotics was becoming less effective, especially as it became to be overused, which meant that an alternative method to treat acne had to be found.

Laser Pen Held Close To And Above Affected Areas

The method used when applying laser acne treatment is that a doctor needs to use a laser pen for performing laser resurfacing and the pen is held very near and above the acne scar tissue or acne and from the pen there are concentrated beams of light passed forwards and backwards which helps to vaporize tissue that is not wanted and in the process a new skin surface is created to enable new skin cells to grow.

After having had laser acne treatment, patients will find that there is the formation of new collagen that is a protein that is present in the connective tissue of your skin and which in turn aids in forming better skin texture. Another advantage of laser acne treatment is that it is quite safe and there is also no pain felt though you could get some bruising after having had the procedure performed, and there may also be some amount of swelling that is also quite normal. Such side-effects will not last for long and can disappear within a week to ten days after the treatment and all you need to do is waiting till these pass off and then you can begin to apply make-up once more.

At present, there are no federal restrictions as to who can perform the laser acne treatment though regulations are there that affect the manufacturers of lasers. Also, there are a number of different laser types to choose from which will suit different needs and purposes and so you need to consult your dermatologist to find out which is the most suitable.

Another point worth noting is that a number of dermatologists actually feel that laser acne treatment is not so suitable for those whose skin is dark since there is a possibility of dramatically as well as unpredictably altering the color of the skin, though still others are of the opinion that all that it takes is to get the laser acne treatment from an experienced surgeon and there should be many benefits achievable even if your skin is dark.

So, if you have about two thousand five hundred dollars and more to avail of laser acne treatment, you would get the benefits, and even though this form of treatment is invasive, it can still benefit you provided you use it after having got the proper advice from an experienced aesthetic dermatologist or even laser surgeon.