Acne Care Begins Before Breakout Occurs

Appropriate skin care for those who often suffer from acne actually begins before they suffer a break out. Acne care begins with keeping the skin clean and free of excess oil and the us of defoliants can only help better with the prevention of acne. Acne is usually caused by a blocked pore in the skin allowing bacteria under the skin to grow and survive, ending up as an eruption on the surface of the skin.

It can be in the form of a blackhead or a whitehead and in many cases a pimple. While most people have the occasion blemish pop out, others may suffer from severe problems and require strong acne care to clear them up and help slow down the next out break. Persons with a tendency to suffer break outs should concentrate their acne care on their face and neck, which are more visible, as well as areas of the body on which they have the most frequent occurrences of acne.

Cleaning with a mild soap two or three times every day should be sufficient to keep the skin clean and the pores open. For those who suffer frequent our breaks may choose to foliate their skin as part of a regular acne care regimen, removing dead skin cells before they can mix with the skin's oil and block the pores.

Using Right Products To Help Fight Acne

The most common ingredient in products used for acne care is benzoyl peroxide, typically in a fine percent solution, or for stronger products a 10 percent solution. This ingredient will break down the oil blocking the pore as well as kill the bacteria, helping to eliminate the current outbreak. However, not everyone can use products containing benzoyl peroxide as it causes a reaction to their skin.

Persons using these products for acne care are advised to stop using them if their skin turns red, burns or develops a rash. There are a few products that do contain this ingredient that can offer help in clearing up an acne outbreak. Those who can use it and successfully clear up, will want to use moisturizers on the face as well as benzoyl peroxide will dry out the skin.

Other methods, such as light therapy are being used by more people due to is success as a acne care treatment. Studies have shown that 99.9 percent of bacteria in the pores have been killed after three days of light treatment.