Creating a Feng Shui House Plan

Feng shui is the practice or art of making a living area harmonious or peaceful by arranging the various components of a structure. Feng shui house plans can be made by your architect as long as he is quite familiar with the basic of feng shui. Although these kinds of house plans may seem difficult to make, the practice of feng shui seems to be based on common sense sometimes.

The practice of feng shui is also instrumental in choosing the lot on which your house will be built. So before the feng shui house plans, there must be a divination of the right area to build your home. After this, the architect may make feng shui house plans that will suit the area of your choice. If your architect is not familiar with the art of feng shui, you could consult a feng shui expert to assist him and to make suggestions regarding the feng shui house plans.

Not too Narrow or Too Cramped

There are many considerations that an architect will need to bear in mind when making feng shui house plans. These considerations include the shape of the house and the placement of the various doors and windows. Long corridors are not a good idea when making feng shui house plans as the chi will travel too fast in an unobstructed path. Cramped areas of the house are also not so well accepted for feng shui house plans.

Ideally, the feng shui house plans must feature high ceilings to promote easy flow of chi in the home. Clean and clutter free areas are encouraged as well as soft lighting for most areas. Among the areas that will need emphasis in making feng shui house plans are the main door, the kitchen and the bedrooms. A narrow house is also frowned upon by feng shui experts as well as a house with missing corners.

Feng shui house plans must also include a garden plan, either integrated into the home or just outside it. Plants are part of the living factors that can influence the generation of chi. A garden will also provide fresh air and a welcome respite from stress from work. One important thing to remember when making feng shui house plans is not to line up the front door with the back door. This represents the quick way out for chi without even circulating around the home to bring good fortune. Many people today believe in the practice of feng shui. Many architects also have basic knowledge of feng shui especially since many people put great stock in this.