The Significance of Feng Shui Coins

In Feng Shui, coins symbolize wealth. You need to keep either three coins or multiples of three coins tied together by a red ribbon within your money bag, purse or desk. The combination of these three Feng Shui coins is used to attract money. In order to secure your financial condition, you need to buy three Feng Shui coins along with household bamboo plant and then position the combination of coins and tree together in the wealth sector in order to trigger growth in your financial condition.

Feng Shui Meaning

Feng Shui coins have a special significance to many people. They typically represent the intimate connection between Heaven, Earth and Man. The square hole in the middle of the coin represents the Earth; the round periphery represents Heaven; and the way it is tied and hold that represents Man. The combination of these three elements is explained as the cosmic trinity of luck.

According to Feng Shui belief, the quality and power of the Feng Shui coins is activated when they are tied together using a red thread. Feng Shui coins are well adored for their auspicious quality of bring luck and money. However, the implications of the coins differ depending on the way they are used.

Number of Coins

Typically three coins are used. However, instead of using 3 coins, you can use multiple of three coins, for example, six or nine coins. Three coins are used because the number '3' is considered lucky, according to Feng Shui belief. You can use nine coins tied using a tassel. In fact, nine coins are believed to be more powerful than three coins in the terms of their extensity.

Implication of Nine Coins

Nine coins are tied using the Tassel Method. Three individual coins are interlocked initially to represent the combination of Heaven, Earth and Man. The other six coins represent six emotions of man. These emotions are love, fear, anger, joy, suspicion, and desire. These six emotions are assumed to be capable of governing the wealth making ability of a man.

According to Feng Shui belief, this tying up of nine Feng Shui coins implicates a man's ability to control his wealth as he has the potency to manage his six emotions with the help of the spiritual power invoking via the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man. When someone is capable of controlling his emotions rigorously, he will then become able to touch the peak of success.

There are varieties of ways you can use to position your Feng Shui coins. If you have a group of three coins, you can keep them inside of your bag or purse. You can also hang it on the entrance of your home. It symbolizes that money luck is attracting into your home. You may also position the Feng Shui nine coins tassel inside your car, which signifies a travel full of happiness and good luck.